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Why you should hire a Freelance Web Developer while your Budget is Tight ?

Freelance PHP Web Developer in Delhi, IndiaAre you a budding start-up trying to establish your global footprint? Or an existing business that has realized the need for a complete brand overhaul? If you nodded in agreement to either of the questions – a good website developer will come handy in achieving the desired results. An appealing website is a prerequisite for any business today. Offering a good web experience will help organizations make a unique statement in the swarming web arena. So, how does one decide if a web design company or a freelance web developer will get the job done right? Here are some factors to consider.

Cost of Hiring:

If you go for a web design company, it is less likely that they offer an inexpensive fee to avail their services. Companies take into consideration the operation costs of running their entire business, unlike a freelancer. The latter usually work from home and don’t have any overhead costs. Most importantly, hiring freelancers is relatively cheaper.

Flexible Service:

A company calls out for set standards and practices that yield them quick results. These might be favourable for the web design company but not so much for the client. A freelance designer, on the other hand, does not have to go through levels of formal procedures. This helps you achieve better results and also saves time.

Quality of Service:

As pointed out, each website delivered to the client is valuable to the freelance designer. Invention is deep-rooted in their service. Moreover, it defines the quality of work he/she has accomplished, and can offer to prospective clients. On the contrary, web design companies can afford to slot your valuable projects into previously used web-design templates, to achieve quicker results.

Estimating your Project:

Big web design companies are in the lookout for the big fishes. Though they might be offering specific services for small or medium projects, web companies are generally inclined to big projects. Meanwhile, a freelancer is less biased in estimating the magnitude of the project. The end result holds significant value in his portfolio of delivered projects. You might have paid an exorbitant fee to a company, not compromising on quality. However, the same company could put your small project on hold, as they might be busy chasing their premium clients.

As, web-design companies bank on bigger projects, freelancers are ready to lap up small and medium-sized projects. Moreover, they are cheaper to hire, as against a web design company that takes into consideration overhead costs, to keep their company running. Freelancers are more likely to listen and adopt the needed changes you require in your new website. To sum it up, if you are running on a shoestring budget then a freelancer is your best bet.

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