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Checklist for Marketers to Hire Freelance Web Developer in India

What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Web Developer in Indian Market ?

Coding Experience: Coding practices are very important during the interview process when you are seeking a good programmer or developer. You have to check there expertise and experience on specific domain, which you are looking for.for example:if you are looking for a php developer you need to test their coding expertise only on Php not any others.


Mobile and Responsive: As we know the marketing has been changed drastically and the time has come for mobility, so you should also check to freelancer ability to deliver the responsive websites, means the website should be ready for mobile devices. if the website is not mobile friendly you might drop your valuable prospects. so this is also a important activity to check during the interview process.

Translation Ability: This quality is also essential, because if a customer is belonging from the non technical background, so it is up to freelancer how he can deal with situation, so you need to test their ability to translate things according to the customers behavior.

Comprehensive Design: The website is looking stunning is not enough, it requires some essential things to make it perfect such as user friendly navigation structure, SEO friendly web pages and to make it country specific domain.

Scope and Updates: Before to make a final decision, it is essential to test project scopes, opportunity and freelancer suggestions and try to take the commitment of the freelancer for each and every updates time to time.
These are the few tips, that might help you to hire a freelancer on any domain. please share your suggestion if you have any new.

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